I received a Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welder for my birthday this past year. The fact that I had another birthday is not that great, the fact that I now have a welder is very cool. You see, I have some stuff I need to weld. Mostly welders are just awesome. It has been a... Continue Reading →

Sleazy Boss

I have been slowly making my way through the latest Ken Burns documentary film on the Vietnam War. This is a very good series that successfully brings back many memories and provides an educational perspective on a turbulent time in American history. While there are many interesting elements to this documentary, I want to briefly... Continue Reading →

World Series

I am a lifelong Astros fan. The intensity of my love for this team has ebbed and flowed over the years. Baseball almost lost me during the steroid era but after a multi-year lull, I returned. I like other sports but there is something special about baseball and the Astros. In case you somehow haven’t... Continue Reading →


Heroes October 14th of this year marked the 70th anniversary of breaking the sound barrier. This feat was accomplished in the Bell X1 as it was piloted by Captain Charles (Chuck) Yeager of the USAF. Chuck Yeager is one of my life long heroes. Not only was he leading test pilot of the emerging jet... Continue Reading →


I am an avid baseball fan and have attended many games in the USA from little league to the major leagues. I am also a lifelong Astros fan so I am very excited about the upcoming ALCS games against the Yankees. A few weeks ago, I attended a baseball game in Taipei Taiwan. This was... Continue Reading →

Out of Control

I just returned from a 3-week mission trip to Taiwan. The trip went well, however, the logistics on the trip home were a bit challenging. In my attempt to save money on airfare, I booked a return trip through Beijing with a 22-hour layover. Before booking this flight, I confirmed that I could get a... Continue Reading →

The Bicycle

I am not much for nostalgia. I like to think about the present and the future more. The idea of studying genealogy or reminiscing about the past normally does not appeal to me. My mother is an accomplished genealogist who has done years of work researching our family history. I know she wishes I cared... Continue Reading →


I wrote a blog article on how to deal with a difficult boss and intended to publish it today. Given the events of the past week, this topic does not seem very important. This past week has been one of the most intense of my life. My hometown of Houston Texas was devastated by an... Continue Reading →

Cutting Corners

As a child, I remember my father telling me to not cut corners. Most likely I was trying to do an assigned task in the fastest way possible while not considering the quality of my work. A great example is when I used to mow our yard. My desire was to finish as quickly as... Continue Reading →

The Beat Goes On (Introduction)

This is the start of yet another blog site. After 3 years I have resigned from my job as a minister in Houston Texas. Prior to my job as a minister, I worked in the high-tech industry for 30 years. I am retired for now and absolutely loving every minute of it. I highly recommend... Continue Reading →

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