The Beat Goes On (Introduction)

This is the start of yet another blog site. After 3 years I have resigned from my job as a minister in Houston Texas. Prior to my job as a minister, I worked in the high-tech industry for 30 years. I am retired for now and absolutely loving every minute of it. I highly recommend early retirement or some sort of dramatic career change. I waited too long to make these changes in my life. Successful financial management is a key part of early retirement or a career change and will be an occasional topic on this blog.

I have blogged in the past about things such as money management and spiritual development. After maintaining these blogs for a while, I realized they were becoming too restrictive for me, sort of like a job. See above for my current view of full time employment. I am launching this new blog to enable me to cover a broader range of topics. I will continue to write about money management and spiritual matters. I hope to also add content regarding travel, career advice and maybe even fishing. While working as a minister, I wrote a weekly article that was published in the church bulletin. I discovered I really like writing. The objective of this blog is to simply provide a venue for me to continue writing.

I selected the title from an old Sonny and Cher song. Click on the link below for a sample of this oldie but goodie.

Sonny and Cher Video

Basically, the idea is life goes on and we can decide how we will deal with it every day we get out of bed. The song also emphasizes that the world continues to change around us and we must adapt. Twenty years ago, I would have never imagined myself not working full time. The idea of having the freedom to travel, fish and go on mission trips was far from my mind. Now I am in a completely different place and I must say, change is a good thing.

I realize at this phase of my life I am not as physically capable as I once was. In thinking more about my physical ability, I was never very gifted to begin with. I must adjust what I do to my capability. The point is we should always adapt and keep moving ahead. Life continues to come at us for all our allotted days. My recent objective has been to reframe my thinking to try and make the most of my current life situation. Some examples of my reframed thinking are, traveling more, learning to wake surf, learning to weld, and playing the guitar again.

What does it mean to make the most of a situation? Ahh, this gets into one of my favorite topics, objectives. What do we hope to accomplish? Where are we going? Setting objectives is important in all phases of life. Setting clear objectives is particularly important when going through a major life change such as marriage, divorce, rearing children, retirement, etc.

So, as I set off into another blogging adventure, I hope you will join me by adding your email address to the distribution list. Also, feel free to provide feedback regarding this blog.

Make the most of this day!


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