Change to the Blog Location

When I started this blog, I researched the best way to host the website. My research revealed that was the most powerful and flexible blogging site, but has a learning curve for effective use. I decided to go with as it is easier for a WordPress beginner. I read a few articles claiming I would regret starting with and that I would be moving to in time. For me, that time has come. I am moving my blog to The new link is If you are a current email subscriber, you should continue to receive email notifications for blog posts. Postings will continue to be seen on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.

If you subscribed as a user and wish to receive email notifications, you will need to re-subscribe by re-entering your email address at the new site Scroll to the bottom and look to the left to find the subscription area. Sorry for the extra step, I appreciate your loyalty!

You may be wondering why go to the trouble of making this change. There are many reasons, but mostly gives me much more control and capability. Perhaps I will write an article comparing the two sites, but for now, I just want to make sure you still have access to the blog if interested.

I apologize for this boring housekeeping blog post. I appreciate your patience.

Make the most of this day!


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